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At Azureus Solutions, we believe in the power of rapid prototyping and innovation along with formality and dedication to ensure quality and accuracy of solutions.

We recognise the power of sub-contracting out work and how as a supplier we can provide multiple different skill sets and decades of experience from our team of excellent engineers and technicians.

Our goals are to realise your requirements in a cost and time effective manner exceeding expectations where possible.

We will manage your project from initial thoughts and concept right up to volume manufacture using our team of in house staff and network of suppliers. If you have specifications then we will work from them, if not we will work with you to develop them and carry out any feasibility studies needed if things are uncertain.

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contract design


Azureus Solutions believe that it can offer a very cost effective and valuable service to our customers. There is no need to recruit ( possibly multiple ) staff to cover multiple disciplines of a project, especially if it will only be for a short term basis.

Costs are naturally negotiable and can be suited to your way of working. Either fixed price contracts or a time and materials basis can be chosen dependant on the project. A more general 'blanket' order can be chosen for maintenance type contracts where the work is more random but still regular to save on processing overheads.

If you believe we can assist you with your projects or products then do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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manufacturing / assembly


Not only are we a design house but we can look after production and manufacture of your projects too. Whether it be a single prototype to evaluate / prove functionality of a design or large volume batches it can be handled by our proven manufacturing and assembly partners.

To complement the electronics design we have resources available to us to design and machine / manufacture mechanical assemblies / enclosures from simple machining of 'off the shelf' enclosures to bespoke injection moulded parts ( see low power sensors  ).

Our printed circuit manufacturers can work with all commercially available materials and manufacture to IPC class 3 if required. Higher volume or lower cost boards can also be sourced from their own Chinese manufacturing partners which ensures that the same high quality standards are maintained.

The assembly companies we have selected are capable of producing PCB assemblies to the highest class 3 standards and are able to inspect BGA devices with both X-Ray and ERSA scope technologies to ensure the highest standards of inspection and certainty of assembly quality. Additionally they have the ability to re-work BGA and legless IC packages that have failed to allow boards with failed devices to be made functional again. This service also allows for a working BGA device to be removed from a defective PCB, re-balled and replaced onto a different PCB without the need for a new device to be purchased.

If you believe we can assist you with your projects or products then do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

PCB assembly



To complement both the product assembly and product development sides to the business, our test capabilities can ensure that devices perform to specification as well as working with external test houses to ensure product EMC and or FCC compliance.

Our in house thermal test chamber can be used to evaluate product performance over a temperature range of -70C to +250C, exceeding most usual device operating or storage temperature ranges. This is complemented with thermal imaging and non contact temperature measurement which allows for circuit thermal performance evaluation without physical contact - an essential requirement where high voltage or sensitive circuits are employed.

An array of electronic test equipment and experience allows us to measure large or small scale signals as well as frequencies from DC to 40GHz, including the ability to inject signal waveforms ( CW or arbitrary ) both electrically or optically into systems.

If you believe we can assist you with your projects or products then do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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