2GSPS Dual Channel Measurement Card

Designed to partner the DE4 Stratix 4 development board from Terasic this card extended the PCI Express interface of the DE4 card to create an extremely high speed analogue data acquisition card.

The dual channel ADC is configurable to sample either channel flat out at 2GSPS or both inputs at 1GSPS per channel.

All channels have programmable gain and offset (unless AC coupled) stages via SPI DACs and high speed variable gain amplifiers.

An additional 100kSPS ADC is included for monitoring an additional much slower moving or DC signal.

A GPS receiver has been integrated to allow precision time stamping of the sampled data, allowing for either generic measurement time stamping within the FPGA and also synchronisation between multiple PC's / cards

Clocking for the ADC is generated by an on card programmable low jitter clock generator from Analog Devices, using either an on board or external reference clock. Measurement triggers also can be generated internally or externally to allow synchronisation with other devices.

All voltage rails are generated on the card from the power rails supplied on the DE4 mezzanine connectors so no other connections to the PC power supply are necessary.


circuit board


de4 analogue card