800MSPS PCIe Data Acquisition Card

Building on from the 2GSPS measurement card development this card has distilled the Stratix IV development board and our analogue board into 1 PCIe card.

Incorporating a high speed 800MSPS ADC with a 'slow' 250MSPS ADC the card is capable of continuous simultaneous capture frmo both ADCs into a PC running linux

A GPS receiver has been integrated to allow precision time stamping of the sampled data, allowing for either generic measurement time stamping within the FPGA and also synchronisation between multiple PC's / cards

Ultra stable sample rate is achieved by use of an oven controlled oscialltor to ensure high accuracy to long term frequency measurements of signals

Measurement triggers also can be generated internally or externally to allow synchronisation with other devices.

All voltage rails are generated on board from the standard PC 6 pin PCIe power connector.

FPGA heatsink can be swapped to suit air flow path in the PC the card is installed in

circuit board


PCIe Acq Card