embedded processors and micro controllers

We have a vast wealth of experience working with micro-controllers and micro-processors giving a great understanding from very low level device operation right up to high level functional operation.

Our team of engineers have a strong feeling that understanding the hardware in an embedded application is as vital as understanding the software running on it.

The years of working with devices in assembler code and hardware emulators / debuggers ensure that code debugging and fault finding is an efficient and thorough process.

Low level development experience of most popular micro-controller families is held by the team; including NXP, Atmel, Microchip and ST Micro, ranging from 8-bit AVR and PIC devices up to 32-bit Cortex M4 and ARM 7 devices.

The last few years have seen this expertise extend into the world of the Cortex A8 series of processors from Freescale, allowing for on-board 800MHz Linux platform boards to be designed offering a sub 5 Watt design platform.  This is complemented and mirrored by the PicoPower range of processors by Atmel ( see low power sensors ) which in sleep modes consume sub micro-amp currents allowing for long term battery use without servicing or replacement.



NXP LPC processor

Atmel AVR pico power processor