embedded firmware

We have a vast wealth of experience working with micro-controllers and micro-processors giving a great understanding from very low level device operation right up to high level functional operation. See our embedded processors page for more information.

We currently specialise in:

  • C, C++ for embedded real time systems
  • assembler for embedded real time systems
  • VHDL for FPGAs / programmable logic devices
  • in system flash upgrade solutions for Atmel and NXP ARM7 processors along with STM-4 ST devices
  • use of both GNU and professional developments such as embedded workbench from IAR systems

embedded firmware




embedded firmware



  • Levels: Applications, Device drivers, Embedded real time systems
  • Languages: C, C++, C# and Visual Basic
  • Databases: mySQL and SQL Server, Microsoft Access
  • Operating systems: all Microsoft platforms and linux platforms
embedded firmware



Version Control

Use of subversion SVN repositories is standard practice during our software development regardless of the platform or environment to ensure tracking of development changes and bug fixes.